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Introducing MedAdvisor

Scripts Online and SMS Reminders in one - brought to you by MedAdvisor - giving you another less thing to worry about!

Keep up to date with your prescription medication needs and never lose or forget to re-order your medicine again!

Let MedAdvisor's 'Pharmacist Phil' do all the work for you.

How do I sign up?

When will I be sent reminders?

What are the benefits?

How can I place my order?


How do I sign up to MedAdvisor?

It's free to join, simply:

  1. Drop your prescription(s) in to your local Pharmacy Help as Scripts on File.
  2. Let us know you’d like to join MedAdvisor.
  3. Your Pharmacist will provide you with your unique MedAdvisor Activation Code. This code attaches your MedAdvisor App or web experience to your personal medication record and your local Pharmacy Help store.
  4. MedAdvisor is available as an Apple or Android mobile App but can also be accessed from any PC or other web-enabled device via a web browser: Download from Apple App Store (for iPhone & iPad), Google Play (for Android) or PC web app at https://www.medadvisor.com.au/login
  5. Tap or click on the 'Register' button, enter your Activation Code and last name, enter your details, choose a password and press 'Submit'
  6. Done! Your prescriptions will automatically appear in MedAdvisor within 1 hour. You'll receive a welcome message when they're ready.

Click here to download the MedAdvisor flyer



When will I be sent reminders?

  • Depending on your MedAdvisor setup, you'll receive a reminder via the app or by sms or email when you're next due for a prescription repeat or new prescription from your Doctor.
  • If you're due for a prescription repeat, you can place your order for collection from the store or choose to have Express Delivery to your home or office (conditions apply).
  • You will receive a confirmation reminder once your medication has been dispensed by the Pharmacist and is ready for you.



What are the benefits?


  • Easy to use prescription management
  • Boosts our Pharmacist customer care to you
  • Access to Smart Medication List - so you can view your prescription medications, information, repeats left and colour indicators if action is required
  • 'Fill-My-Scripts' and 'See-My-Doctor' Reminders mean you'll never forget to re-order or renew your prescription and you're less likely to run out of your important medication
  • Option to receive 'Take-My-Meds' Reminders for when to take your medication each day, at the appropriate times. This feature is available for Apple and Android smart phones and tablets only.
  • You won’t lose refill prescriptions as they are kept safe at the Pharmacy with Scripts On File
  • Less waiting at pharmacy when picking up medication
  • Option to request Express Delivery
  • MedAdvisor can also manage your practitioner only / homeopathic medicines and vitamins
  • Option for Carer Mode: helpful for managing medications for a patient or other family members



How can I place my order?

Once you receive your reminder, you may 'tap or click to refill' and:

  • collect your prescriptions, without the need to wait, from your store, OR
  • you may opt for Express Delivery service, to deliver the medication to your home or workplace – free! (if available at your store, normal conditions apply for delivery)

For further details, please contact your local Pharmacy Help store or visit the MedAdvisor website.