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Pregnancy & Essential Oils

Many oils can be used in pregnancy for a number of different reasons
but only the highest quality oils should be used.
We use Essential Therapeutics - practitioner quality oils.

Here are some blends which might help you during pregnancy:

Sleep Blend

For those who toss & turn all night:

4 drops of True Lavender
1 drop of Chamomile
1 drop of Mandarine
1 drop of Geranium

Dissolve these oils into 1 tablespoon of full cream milk or a small amount of shower gel and swish through warm bath water.
You can also use a great blend called Peaceful Sleep. A few drops of this can be added to a vapouriser in your bedroom.

High Blood Pressure

This is also a common complaint in pregnancy.
This oil can be used in massage or reflexology.

20ml carrier oil
8 drops of Sweet Marjoram
6 drops of Ylang Ylang
8 drops of mandarin

Lower Back Pain

100ml base oil
25 drops of True lavender
15 drops of Lemon Eucalyptas
10 drops of Rosemary CTI
10 drops of Bazil
15 drops of Australian Sandlewood

This blend is massaged into the lower back whenever necessary.

Alternatively, you can use the premade blend Muscle Relief blend concentrate.
To 10ml of base oil add 8 drops of the concentrate and massage when necessary.


Please take care when using essential oils and only use the highest quality oils.