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Pharmacy Help stores are QCPP Accredited to assure you excellence in service and care.

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As part of providing our best healthcare advice for you, we have a range of professional services available. Among these we also provide* the following general pharmacy services at selected stores:

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Prescription Medications


Scripts On File

Let us take care of your prescriptions with scripts on file - you'll never lose them again!
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Emergency supply of medications:
Run out? We can supply a weeks medication in legitimate cases. Conditions apply.

Management of your records:
All NHS prescriptions are recorded automatically towards your safety net threshold for the year.
We can also manually record your prescriptions for you on the provided PBS safety net form.
If you require a Tax print out for the financial year we can provide it at any time.

Information available:

  • Patient medication profiles
  • Drug information print outs (CMI’s)
  • Disease information print outs

Email and fax prescription service available (E-script)

Help to maximise your savings:
We aim to save you money on your prescriptions by avoiding wherever possible unnecessary brand price premiums. We only use high quality Australian supplied generic medications- ask us how we can help you save. Give it a try, and if you're not satisfied we will swap it over for free. Please inform us if you have any specific brand requirements or drug allergies.


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The best way to dispose expired or unwanted medication is to return it to your local Pharmacy Help

By returning out-of-date and unwanted medicines to your local pharmacy,
we can make your home a safer place.


Return Your Unwanted Meds to Pharmacy 777

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© 2009 The National Return & Disposal of Unwanted Medicines Limited



  1. Go to your home medicine area.
  2. Check expiry dates on all your medicines and separate all expired medicines into a container for return.
  3. Check that you actually need all the medicines - separate those medicines no longer needed into the container for return.
  4. Take the container to your local pharmacy for disposal.


  1. Go to the patient's medicines area.
  2. Check expiry dates on all the medicines and separate all expired medicines into a container for return.
  3. Check that the patient actually needs all the medicines. If there is any doubt ensure all medications are checked by a pharmacist or medical practitioner. (This is most important as medicines may have been changed and replaced by other medicines). Place no longer needed medicines in the return container.
  4. Take the container to your local pharmacy for discussion or disposal.

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If you're on multiple medications, webster medication packaging will be of great benefit to you.



The easy way to take multiple medications is to have a pharmacist put together a webster pack for you. The webster pak shows you when to take your dose at regular intervals and allowing a pharmacist to sort this out reduces the risk for adverse drug interaction.


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Need a particular product but can't find it?

If you can't find what you're looking for ask our staff to find it for you.
We have access to an extensive range of items and can order product(s) especially for you.
Special orders are our specialty and that item you've been searching for can be sent direct to your local Pharmacy Help from one of our stores or suppliers.
And why not ask our staff to have your special order delivered to you as well.
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