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Medication Usage Reviews


What is a Medication Usage Review?

Our Pharmacy Help Pharmacists will check the following:

  • your medicines are working well
  • discuss any subsequent side effects
  • ensure that your medicines are the best for you
  • answer any questions about your medications

How often should I review my medications with a pharmacist?

For good practice we recommend that a review is done at least once every 12 months at any
Pharmacy Help. The review will typically last around 20 minutes and there us no charge.

How can I make an appointment?

Contact one of our Pharmacy Help stores direct, or alternatively speak to a pharmacist in-store.

What can I expect from my appointment?

If you have an appointment booked and come in for a review you can:

  • tell a health professional how you feel about your treatment
  • have your condition(s) and medicines explained
  • understand more about what your medicines are for and how they will help your illness
  • have your questions answered

What can I find out?

  • If you are taking the best medicines for your problems
  • about side effects your might expect from your medicines
  • what other treatments are available
  • how best to take your medicines

How should I prepare for my appointment?

It is important to bring to your appointment all your medications including any herbal remedies and vitamins.
These are commonly in the form of tablets, liquids, inhalers, creams and ointments.
Please bring any medications that you have also taken but have now stopped.

You may find that you get more out of your review if you prepare in advance any questions you
would like to ask about your medications.

For example, How do they work? What side-effects do they cause? Do I still need to take them?
Are there any new medicines or services that might help me?
Is there anything that can help me to remember to take my medications?

Note: To get the most out of you review you may find it helpful to bring along with you a person
such as family member, or someone who helps manage your medicinces however this is optional.


What can I do with expired or unwanted medicines?

We can take care of these for you. Please bring them into the pharmacy for disposal.
Click here for further information.