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Benefits of Baby Massage

The practice of baby massage has been carried out in some cultures for generations but it is, by comparison, a fairly recent thing in our society.

Baby massage can take many forms and can be done at varying times in your day depending on you and your child but the benefits of this time together are enormous to both parent and child.

It is important to remember that baby massage should be an enjoyable experience for both parties and as such, will benefit both parent and child greatly.

The Benefits:

  • Promotes bonding between parent and child.
  • Provides the opportunity for dad to participate and spend special moments with his child
  • Stimulates baby's body systems
    - Digestive system
    - Immune System
    - Circulatory and Lymphatic System
  • Stimulates communication between parent and baby - both non verbal and verbal
  • Increases the feeling of security and love
  • Reduces stress and tension and encourages relaxation
  • Develops trust and respect and helps the parent to understand the child's behavior and non verbal signs
  • Encourages baby's co ordination and movement

Massage Time

This will vary greatly from family to family depending on your routine. Some families prefer to massage straight after a bath while others will pick another quiet time during the day. Do not try to massage if baby is upset or straight after a feed (allow 20 - 30 minutes for feed to settle).

Choose a warm draft free room. Undress baby and put him / her on some soft towels. Use baby oil or an essential oil blend (see below)

How to Massage

There are many forms of baby massage and any one will do as long as it is enjoyable for both baby and parent. Use firm but gentle slow movements to relax baby. Speak gently and soothingly. You might like to play some relaxing music. So where does one start?

  • Place baby on tummy
  • Start at the back of baby's head drawing circles on the crown with one hand
  • With both hands use the thumbs in a circular motion moving from the neck to the arms
  • Move down the back, using circular motions on both sides of the spine all the way down to the buttocks and down the back of the legs
  • Turn baby over onto back
  • Lightly stroke forehead, temples, cheeks, nose and mouth - use soft circular motions
  • Move down neck to shoulders and down the arms. Massage wrists and hands.(wipe any oil from hands before baby puts them in his mouth
  • Move from shoulders to groin over chest and abdomen. using circular movements with both hands
  • Stroke down each leg from the hip ending with the ankle and foot
  • Complete massage with long gentle body strokes
  • Dress baby in a relaxed and gentle way
  • If baby appears distressed or unsettled at any time discontinue massage and try again at another time

Aromatherapy Blends for your baby

According to Aromatherapist Debbie Quan essential oils are a great way of relaxing your baby at night.
These can be used by adding them to the baby's bath, placing them in a bowl under the baby's cot or by baby massage.

Some suggestions for blends are listed below:

Bath Blend

This depends on the bath size. For a baby bath use 1 drop of lavender oil added to
1 teaspoon of full cream milk then add to bath water.

Bedtime Blend

To help with those restless nights a add 1 drop of lavender and 1 drop of geranium to
a bowl of hot water and place this under the cot. This helps to induce a peaceful sleep.

A beautiful blend for Baby Massage:

80ml Sweet Almond oil
10ml Avocado oil
10ml Jojoba oil
1 drop Geranium oil
2 drops Lavender oil
2 drops Mandarin oil

Massaging after the nightly bath will induce a very peaceful nights sleep.

Massaged babies are happy babies!