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Summer is on it's way in the not too distant future and thoughts turn to outdoors fun with friends and family. Beach cricket, swimming, picnics whatever takes your fancy are all possible with our climate and our number of sunshine hours. Unfortunately, a mix of our lifestyle, climate and ignorance over skin suncare, have led to Australia being the skin cancer capital of the world.

There have been numerous campaigns by our government over the years to get us all to be sun aware such as the famous Slip, Slop, Slap and who could forget the advert asking whether you want to wear part of your backside on your nose as a skin graft.

Most of these adverts ask you to wear sunscreen when outside, but those with sensitive skin or allergies have had a tough time finding one that suits them. There is a 100% natural and organic sunscreen available and it works.

Soleo Organics produce a sunscreen made following Naturopathic principles and is completely Australian made and owned. This sunscreen is suitable for sensitive skin, allergies, young children and is also suitable for use during pregnancy. It doesn't skin the eyes and is water resistant for up to 3 hours and blocks both UV-A and UV-B rays.

It seems to have all the properties of sunscreen doesn't it. There are some things missing though, all the nasties! There is no PABA, no parabens, No SLS (sodium laurel sulphate), no benzoates, no artifical colours or preservatives and the list goes on.

Oh and also, there was no animal testing and contains Vitamin E and moisturisers to help with sun damage and skin repair!

This sunscreen is approved by the National Health and Safety council and is used by some high profile international professional cricket players.

If you would like further information contact your local Pharmacy Help for information.

Please enjoy our lifestyle but keep and eye out for your skin!


James Freeman N.D.