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Child Development 15 to 18 months

The rapid growth of the first year of life has slowed considerably and appetite has obviously diminished.
A characteristic of this age is increasing independence - which will be very evident at meal times. These children enjoy drinking from a cup on their own and may demand to spoon feed themselves. Throwing things is a favourite “game” and children will fling anything. This manoeuvre is just developing and as with any skill it must be practised.

If they feel like it, they can assist in getting dressed by putting their arms and legs into their clothes. They are beginning to think they do not have to do as they’re told, which gives them the feeling that they can make choices for themselves.


Children of this age jabber loudly and constantly as they imitate conversational tone and phrases. Speech is one of the most important developments in the second year of life, hence it is essential to listen to and talk with them. They may say two to twenty recognisable words in proper context but can understand many more.

Social Development

Now that they are walking, these children are almost totally absorbed in their own activities as they try to see and do everything. They often don’t hear the parental “NO” as they concentrate on the job at hand. Concentration span is short and children pass quickly from one activity to another. Their natural curiosity drives these children energetically into every new situation. They are keen to try things by themselves and can be boldly demanding.
Children of this age learn by doing, therefore it is important to encourage and praise their efforts. It is also important to ensure that caregivers are one step ahead of their rapid development and have removed any hazards around the house.

Learning and Play

Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers, and this can be both a difficult and rewarding period for parents. Safety is essential, but care must be taken not to prevent learning. Everything is interesting and something can come from everything. Playing provides challenges for the body, mind and the imagination.

Play Ideas – Sand play, Walks, Books, Toys for sorting, to fit together, to push and pull or to cuddle and hug.

Toddlers are intensely active and need an extremely high level of protection – There is no substitute for constant supervision.